Английский язык топик № 12

Television is much spoken about nowadays. It has both good and bad points. What are your arguments FOR and AGAINST watching TV?

1. Television plays a very important part in people's lives. 2. It's a wonderful source of information and one of the best ways to spend free time. 3. TV channels show a lot of different programmers': documentaries and news programmers, feature films and comedies, soap and police series, concerts and talk shows. 4. Television has a lot of advantadges. 5. It gives us the opportunity to travel all over the world, to see different people and to learn about their customs and traditions. 6. Television keeps us information about the rest of the world. 7. TV is the cheapest form of entertainment, which gives pleasure to millions of people, especially to old peopole who live alone. 8. But many people say that television has a lot of disadvantages and that watching TV is a terrible waste of time. 9. There are really a lot of bad programmes on TV and of course, there are TV addicts who just sit down in front of the "box" and watch TV for hours without choosing programmes. 10. In this case , watching television is for such people really waste of time. 11. Television really makes some people lasier. 12. They stay at home, they read less, think less, even talk less. 13. TV cuts them off from reality and real life is better than this passive enjoyment. 14. The other disadvantadge is that there is too much violence on TV and many people think that watching such programmes can turn people into criminals. 15. But if we watch TV for an hour a day to know what is happening in the world or to relax, or to watch some interesting programme, then television is really useful. 16. Many of programmes shown on TV, can help us a lot. 17. A good soap-opera, or a comedy or even an advertisement may be a source of relaxation and even some new knoledge for many people. 18. So I think that television has a lot of advantadges (good points, good effects). 19. I think, that TV itself doesn't have bad effects , but people should learn how to use it properly. 20. The ideal thing is to turn on the TV only when there is a really interesting programme, and to turn it off, if the programme is stupid or boring and uninteresting. 21. As for me, I like watching different quizzes. 22. My favourite TV-programme is "Who wants to be a millionaire?". 23. It is a game-show where a player is asked different questions. 24. If the answers are correct, the participant gets a lot of money. 25. But if he is wrong, he losses everything. The questions are always very interesting and they help me to learn many new useful things.

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