Английский язык топик № 15

What are traditional British kinds of sport? Are they popular in Russia? What kinds of sport is your family interested in?

1. The Englishmen are great lovers of sport. 2. One of the most popular traditional British games is cricet. Matches last from one to five days. 3. Cricet is played all over the country in summer. (To many Englishmen cricet is both a game and a standard of behaviour. When they think that something is unfair, they say: "That isn't cricet". ) 4. Another game which attracts great attention is soccer. 5. There are a lot of soccer clubs in every town. 6. Rugby football is also very popular. 7. It's a kind of English football in which the players use their hands to carry the ball. 8. A great number of people play tennis. 9. The most famous tournament is held in Wimbledon. 10. Horse racing is also very popular in England. 11. The English also like playing golf, baseball, basketball and bowling. 12. Athletic sports such as running, rowing, swimming, boxing and gimnastics are very popular too. 13. Almost all these sports and games are popular in Russia , too. 14. Russian people even began to play cricet and golf- traditional English games. 15. But the most popular sports in Russia are football and hochey, tennis, swimming and basketball. 16. Such sports as skiing and skating, which are very popular in Russia, are not popular in Great Bitain because there is little snow there. 17. However, in Scotland where there are good conditions for winter sports, skiing is also very popular. 18. As for my family, we all like sports. 19. Father is fond of hockey. 20. He watches all the hochey games on TV and he likes playing this game himself. 21. Mother prefers figure skating and swimming. 22. She goes to the swimming pool twice a week. 23. And my favourite sport is football. 24. I like to play football with m y friends and I also enjoy watching football matches on TV. 25. In winter all my family go skiing and in summer we like hiking. 26. I think that sport can unite people and make them happier. 27. It helps us to keep fit and to stay healthy.

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