Английский язык топик № 16

Some people go in for sports, while others like to watch sports competitions. Which is better: to watch or to participate?

1. Different people have different attitude to sports. 2. Some people prefer to watch sports events, others - to participate in them, and very many people go in for sports for health and pleasure. 3. Some people believe that sports is not very useful . 4. It itakes a lot of energy and time and as a result of going in for sports many people have broken legs and hands. 5. So they prefer to watch sports competitions. 6. Thousands of people go to stadiums to support their favourite teams and sportmen. 7. Most of the important competitions and games are shown on TV and they needn't buy tickets and go to the stadium, especially in cold and rainy weather. 8. They can enjoy sports sitting in a comfortable arm-chair in front ot the "box". 9. But , certainly, watching sports events and going in for sports are two different things. 10. IN MY OPINION, people should go in for sports. 11. It helps us in different ways. 12. First of all it it helps us to keep fit, to be healthy and strong. 13. It makes us more organized and better disciplined. 13. And it's a good way to meet people and to make new friends. 14. Sports is an essential part of our life. 15. To be healthy, it's not necessary to become a professional sportsman. 16. Very many people go in for skiing, skating, swimming, play different sport games. 17. As for me I enjoy sports games. 18. I have been a football and basketball fan since my childhood. 19. After classes my friends and I often go to the sports ground and we can play for hours. 19. But I also enjoy watching sports competitions or a really interesting football match on TV 20. What is better: to watch or to participate? 21. To my mind it should be a combination of these both components . 22. Sports helps people to keep in a good health, and health is above wealth. 23. To have a healthy mind, you must have a healthy body

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