Английский язык топик № 18

The problems of ecology are very important now. Which problem is the most urgent, in your opinion? What can you and the people around you do to protect the planet?

1. One of the most important problems nowadays is an ecological one. 2. Ecology is the science that studies the conditions of the habitat of man, animals and plants. 3. Our Earth is our home. 4. Everything around us is the environment. 5. It includes all living things and also everything that is nessary for our life - the soil, the air , the water. 6. We need clean air to breathe and pure water to drink and clean soil to grow grains and vegetables. 7. So the environment must be clean and healthy. 8. But the air, the soil and the water are polluted by different harmful substanses. 9. THE AIR IS POLLUTED by smoke and gases from factories, cars, buses, airplanes. 10. AIR POLLUTION can cause different deseases. 11. WATER and SOIL POLLUTION is caused by different wastes and chemicals which are thrown into seas, lakes, rivers. 12. Many fish and birds die because of the polluted water. 13. In my opinion the most urgent ecological problem today is radiation. or the NUCLEAR POLLUTION. 14. Nuclear pollution can't be seen but its effects can be terrible. 15. Many people died from radiation some years ago because of the accident at the nuclear power station in Chernobyl. 16. Nuclear wastes are also dangerous for people's lives. 17. So people all over the world protest against nuclear tests and nuclear weapons. 18. Millions of people understand that our planet is in danger and do the best to save it, to protect the environment. 19. They join different organization, such as "Green Peace", "The World Wildlife Fund" (WWF) and others, which work a lot at the ecological problems to save life on our planet. 20. I think there are a lot of simple things we should do to protect the environment. 21. First of all we mustn't drop litter in public places, pick up wild flowers, break branches of trees... 22. Besides, we shouldn't throw out rubbish without thinking that such things as bottles, paper, aluminium can be recycled. 23. We should save the water and the electric power at our homes. 24. We should take care of wild birds and animals. 25. We can help to plant trees and create parks. 26. But first of all we must change people's attitude towards the environment.

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