Английский язык топик № 6

Every country is special. What comes to your mind, when you think of the UK and its people?

1. Every country is special, but England (or Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, or just the UK) is especially unusual and interesting country. 2. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland (the UK) is the official name of the state which includes (consists of) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 3. The different parts of Britain have their own emblems. 4. The red rose is the national emblem of England. 5. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. 6. The daffodil and the leek are the emblems of Wales. 7. And the shamrock is the national emblem of Ireland. 8. When I imagine the UK, I think about London, the capital of England and the UK. 9. London is associated for me with its beautiful sights. 10. I have never been to London, but I've read a lot about it 11. The main things that come to my mind about London, are such places as Buchingham Palace - the official residence of the Queen; Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abby , where many kings amd queens and also a lot of famous writers, poets, actors, musitions are berried; beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London, which has been a palace, a mint, a prison and now it is a museum. 17. Imagine about London, I also think about its wonderful museums and art galleries, for example London National Picture Gallery or Madam Tussaud's museum of waxworks. 12. Another famous place, which is always associated with England , is Stonehenge . 13. Every year thousands of people go to Stonehenge to take part in summer Druid festival. 14. The universities in Oxford and Cambridge are well known all over the world. 15. They were founded in the 12-th and 13-th centuries. 16. A lot of young people from Russia study there. 18. The British nation is very interesting and unusual. 19. English people are famous for their politeness, reserve, great love for animals and sports and their fine sense of humour. 20. British people keep their old traditions carefully and are very proud of them. 21. The traditional love of English people for tea is well-known. 22. They have their five o'clock tea not only at home or in the office, but also in special tea-rooms or tea-shops which are in every town. 23. Other traditional feachures of Great Britain are numerous clubs, pubs, beer halls, where Englishmen like to spend their time talking and discussing traditional matters: politics, sports, weather. 24. Keeping the traditions for centuries, English people bring some stability into(their life) rapidly changing world. 25. It's my great dream to visit England and to see the country with my own eyes.

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