Английский язык топик № 9

What would you tell your foreign friends about traditional Russian holidays and celebtations? What do you think your British friends will tell you about their traditional holidays and celebrations?

1. Every country has its own national holidays and festivals. 2. First of all, I would tell my foreign friends about the most popular and favourite holiday in Russia -New Year's Day. 3. Russian people have some traditions of celebrating this holiday. 4. They begin to prepare for the hoiliday beforhand. 5. They decorate a New Year tree and put presents under it. 6. At 10 o'clock they see the Old Year off and when the Kremlin clock strikes 12, they see the New Year in. 7. In our country New Year'Day is a family festival. 8. All the family and relatives gather at holiday table and say to one another: "Best wishes for the New Year! The New Year's Day is always connected with our new hopes and dreams. 9. Everybody hopes that the new year will be better than the last one and enjoys this holiday very much! 10. The greatest national holiday in Russia is Victory Day which is celebrated on the 9-th of May. 11. On this Day in 1945 the Soviet Army completely defeated the German Fascists and the Great Patriotic War ended. We lost 30 million people during this war. 12. Many veterans meet on this day and they participate in the military parade on Red Square. 13. The other popular holidays in Russia when people all over the country don't work, are: Christmas, Day of the Defender of Motherland, Women's Day. 14. As for traditional holidays in Britain, I think, the most popular is Cristmas Day, which is celebrated on December, 25. 15. English people pay mych more attention to Christmas than to New Year. 16. Most cities are decorated with coloured lights and beartiful Christmas trees. 17. The biggest Christmas tree stands on Trafalgar Squre in London. 18. On Christmas Day the family usually meets for a traditional dinner of turkey and Christmas pudding and everyone gives and reseives presents. 19. I think, my British friends would also tell me about such traditional festivals as Saint Valentine's Day, Hallowe'en, April Fool's Day. Guy Fawkes Day. 20. Some of these festivals have become popular in Russia too, for example, St. Valentine's Day and Hallowe'en.

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